Lily Love

This gorgeous little lily resided along a trail on Orcas Island, in the San Juan island cluster in Washington, 2007. I couldn't choose just one angle on the little petals, so here are two : ). It's a tiny little flower on a short stem (maybe 13 cm?), so i got a bit muddy in the process.
(Possibly a white fawn lily, Erythronium oregonium.)


Giant and the Sky

The refreshing blue skies and lovely wispy white clouds framing the yak and temple created a photographically irresistible image in Wat Phra Kaew at Bangkok's Grand Palace, 2008.


A brief visit from Jack Frost

In honor of the 90*+ temperatures forecasted today, here is an icy scene.

The first big frost of Fall 2007 was Thanksgiving morning. I took a walk to enjoy the chilly sunshine and found this: an alley mud puddle that had frozen over, with swirls of ice and mud and bubble and pockets of air. It is so serene to me, especially for its muddy, mundane subject.


“'Keep your temper,' said the Caterpillar”

{Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland}

This hornet and its caterpillar meal comprise one of my favorite photos. It was taken in Cambodia, in the Angkor Wat complex on my August 2007 visit.

That nearly all things there were unfamiliar, combined with the super cool bugs made me feel like a real adventurer, of the National Geographic sort : ) Ok, not really. But watching the hornet manuever the sizable caterpillar into its lair was quite the sight.

Perhaps future photos will have somehow relate to my day. This first one, though, is just one i like.


As most of my days include at least a few moments with one of my cameras and an even larger portion of my temporal pie is devoted to sharing/storing/organizing/viewing/editing/talking about photos (combined with my urge to write, with no theme to knit together my thoughts between posts), i've created this arena that i am hopeful will be lovely to view, intriguing to ponder and entertaining/useful/interesting/etc to read.

Enjoy, comment and share your photographic muses!