"Education is an admirable thing,"

...so wrote Oscar Wilde, "but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."  (1894)
With as deeply entrenched in studying as i am of late, i sure hope the earlier is fully true, and the latter to a slightly lesser extent (given my current marriage to books).
Pictured here: lichen on a page of reading from summer quarter.


Happy Valentine's Day

These maidenhair ferns, seen alongside Baker Lake this past July, arranged themselves this way.  


Two images today, both from the Pacific Science Center.  We went in part to view the Harry Potter travelling exhibit, and  in part because it is (and always has been) one of my favorite places to visit and learn.
In the image above, note the striking wing colours and its amazing little eye.  You'll also notice that only four of its six legs is visible.  This is true, too, of the other butterfly.  I'm not sure why this is. In the image below, note the pattern in its eye, and the tightly curled up mouth part.